mini Cape getaway

mini Cape getaway

So I guess I still haven’t posted about my little Cape getaway. I’ve been so busy with working both jobs and interviewing for an internship *fingers crossed!* that I never got around to the recap.So we set off Thursday morning for Falmouth, MA, where my lovely girlfriend Kate’s amigos from home have a time share that they’d been staying in all week. The Cape traffic sucked, but not as much as it does on a Friday afternoon in the summer.

We got acquainted with Kate2 (My Kate’s best friend from home), her new boyfriend Chris, a handsome irishman, and her younger sister Michelle. We checked out the timeshare, packed up our beach bags and headed across the street to the beach.

relaxing on the beach in Falmouth, MA

A day off at the beach is always a good day for me. Unfortunately there was a LOT of seaweed-enough to make it pretty impossible to swim in and enjoy- and it turned out to be overcast for much of the afternoon.

We ended up back on the deck, drinking beers in the sun, reading, dipping in the jacuzzi, catching up with old friends and getting acquainted with new ones.

We all headed to the Quarterdeck for dinner, a seafood & steak restaurant and a Falmouth landmark. It was packed and we waited in the front room at the bar, where the patrons and staff seemed quite lively. The atmosphere changed a bit upon entering the main dining room which was very dark, pretty quiet, and boasts a chef-prepared and expensive menu. Our joke-cracking waitress, however, made the place seem as laid back as the deck we’d left behind. We all enjoyed our meals; the salmon with balsamic glaze over spinach served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables was the decided favorite of the table. Just full enough, the four of us (M was dying to finish her book back at the house) were ready to rock and roll.

Quarterdeck, Falmouth MA

A couple dining at the Quarterdeck in Falmouth. Notice the huge tortoise shell in the background!

The gang at RooBar

We made our first stop at an Irish bar, but because our Irish companion did not have an American license and failed to bring his passport, we had to move on to the next place. We stopped at the RooBar, a cool little spot that was dim, cozy, and almost empty.

The RooBar seemed cool, but it was a little slow and we wanted to mix it up. So we headed off to Anejo Mexican Bistro & Tequila Bar. The place was absolutely packed, every table full, maybe one bar stool empty. Somehow one of us randomly stumbled upon this great secluded outdoor seating area. The overhead garden lighting and indoor/outdoor couches and chairs gave it a swanky yet comfortable feel. We didn’t try the food, but they had a pretty extensive cocktail list which we took to sampling. I tried the Mango Caliente, a tasty drink comprised of sweet agave and mango with spicy habenero. I’d reccommend it. And this place in general. I just wish i’d had time to try the guac. If you go, look out for this area, best seats in the house!



We returned to the Jacuzzi for a nighttime dip and called it a night shortly after. Those cocktails turned out to be pretty handy when it came time for us to go to sleep on a deflating air mattress on the floor. We were up and out early in the morning, stopped for breakfast, and drove home to take the most delightful nap before work. It was a quickie trip and a pretty packed day, but we had a really nice time.

I’ll send it to you: What are some of your favorite spots in Falmouth, or on the Cape in general?


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