Hump Day Happy Hour!


Happy Hump day, all! I work weekends, so I don’t feel the same feeling of relief once Wednesday has passed, but good for all of you who are halfway done!

I’ve decided, since I am a bartender, to start doing a Hump Day Happy Hour each Wednesday in which I post a new cocktail recipe or discuss some awesome wine/craftbrew/moonshine etc. All fair game.

I’m gonna kick off HDHH with a pretty basic recipe….not that it tastes basic, but it’s quickly becoming a fall favorite, so alot of you may know this one already. So today we start with:

Potent Pumpkin

What you need:

  • Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale (or your pumpkin ale/beer of choice…I prefer Shipyard because it’s the most pumpkin-y, where some of the others can be really hoppy, or have overpowering nutmeg or cinnamon flavors.)
  • Stoli Vanilla vodka (you like Smirnoff vanilla better? Go for it.)
  • Cinnamon and Sugar (mix it up!)

Start by rimming a pint glass (preferably a frosty cold one) with a cinnamon/sugar mix.

You can do this in a number of ways and you don’t need to get too fussy about technique. At my bar we place a few orange slices and a splash of water in our salt/sugar holder, tip the glass upside down, press into fruit and rotate. Just doing this so that it’s moist enough to make the cinnamon sugar stick. You can do this with a lemon or lime, but it leaves a tang that kind of ruins the sweetness of the pumpkin flavor. A lot of bars use caramel or even syrup. I’m not a fan of this because I dont like the thick consistency and it is an absolute PAIN in the butt to clean!

Next, pour the Shipyard. I will not give any further explanation of this step.

Finally, top off the frosty cinnamon/sugar rimmed pumpkin beer with a vanilla vodka floater.

This should be less than a shot, unless you want to be trashed. Being too generous with the vodka is going to affect the taste in a negative way. You want it to taste like a sweet autumn treat, not a russian cold fix. EASY on the vodka.

Sip, Enjoy.

If you’re not a vodka person, try this recipe with Captain Morgans or another spiced rum instead. It’s also delicious!


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