Fun With Salads


I Love a good salad.

They’re sometimes healthy, and even when they’re not because of added fats and oils you’re still at least getting the vitamins and antioxidants from those veggies and fruits in! They’re easy to make. And my favorite thing is that you can get SO creative with Salads. The possibilities are endless! Here’s a few examples of tasty salads I’ve made.

Spring Mix, Blueberries, Apples, Tomato, Sliced Banana Peppers, Fat Free Feta, and Sunflower Seeds

Spring Mix, Tomato, FF Feta, Sweet Mini Peppers, Sunflower Seeds, Red Onion, Artichoke Hearts. YUM!

As you may notice, I use the same Core ingredients for most of my salads.

Spring Mix is my greenery of choice. I love all breeds of lettuce, but I like variety and I feel like it’s a variety pack of leaves. Plus it comes in a LARGE container and is pre-washed. If I have other greens I usually mix them in with the spring mix. Baby Spinach is a favorite of mine, cooked or raw its so so good!

What pushes a good salad over the edge to out-of-this-world delicious?

Cheese and Nuts

I use seeds or nuts in almost every salad. I like the added crunch, they’re high in protein and much healthier than croutons.

Cheese is a weakness of mine and I will not go without! No matter what kind of diet I’m on! I always have fat free feta in the house, it’s a staple of mine, but I also love using gorgonzola, fresh mozzerella, or shaved parmesan

I also often use fruit in my salads to give it a nice sweet contrasting flavor and so that I can get my daily fruit requirements in (you know, on that pyramid thing) I like mild, not tart, so I tend to stay away from fruits with strong flavors like strawberries or sour apples (although anything is fair game, really, depending on my mood.) I prefer to use soft sweet apples like Macintosh or Bosc Pears or Blueberries in my salads. Theyre a great texture and flavor. It may sound like some of these flavors won’t pair well with a veggie salad, but i’m telling you when you get the fruit nut veggie cheese combo it is amazing. And when using fruits I always try to use onion of some sort. the dissonant flavors are spectacular!

Light Brunch Salad: Spring Mix, Fresh Watermellon, Sunflower Seeds, FF Feta, Cracked Black Pepper

Turkey Bacon BLT Salad with Red Grapes, Red Onion, FF Feta, and homemade Toasted Whole Grain Ciabatta Croutons. This is a bad girl salad. So GOOD.

Just the Basics: Spring Mix, Tomato, Red Onion, FF Feta, Sunflower Seeds and Dried Cranberries. Simple, straightforward, yummy.

So my feeling on Salads is this: There are no rules, and Less isn’t more.

I got my salad making and cooking skills from my mom who has always been a “concoction cooker”. She took what we had in the house and put it together to make meals. Everything but the kitchen sink went in the salads and she’s long been known by all as the best salad maker. Now the title has been passed to me, and I felt I should share my love of salads with you.

Hope you enjoyed.

What are your best salad recipes? Let’s hear em!


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