Hump Day::Thanksgiving Eve Edition


So Thanksgiving is tomorrow…great food, family, thanks, relaxation. But for many of you the holiday begins tonight. All you college students know this, and so do all my fellow bartenders (air-five). For as far as drinking holidays are concerned, tonight is the Holy Grail.

I work at a busy sportsbar and restaurant, which happens to be huge. In the city in which I work we are “The place to be” on Thanksgiving Eve. Here’s a photo from a past TE event, to give you an idea of how crazy this night is.

Absolutely Nuts. Anywho, this is the busiest night of the year which means I will be running around sweating, and dealing with a bunch of drunk people and BS. But I’m happy to do it. The reward is sweet. And I will be doing the money dance (remind me to post a video of this someday) and raking in the cash when all is said and done.

I’ve got to be off in a few moments, but I wanted to try to pick back up on the Hump Day Happy Hour segment I started a while back. So, we’re going to do a super simple recipe that is delicious and FUN.

the Tic Tac

Red Bull (use whatever energy drink you like but we all know red bull tastes the best)
Orange Flavored Vodka (of choice)
Orange Juice

How To:
Pour half can of red bull into Lg. glass
Add splash of OJ
Pour Vodka into shot glass
Drop it in!

This is sort of like a Jager Bomb, but tastes better. Just like an orange Tic Tac!!

If you’re concerned about breaking glass or teeth, then simplify this recipe further. Simply pour a three-count of Vodka into the Oj/Red Bull mixture.

We’ll be keeping a few on ice. (Just in case!)


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