So I haven’t written in a few days, I don’t feel bad about it. I’ve been super busy and haven’t found time. (I know saying this is getting so old!)  BUT I have, at least, been working on some pretty cool stuff.

World AIDS Day is December 1st, so I’ve been working on an article for that. It’s pretty rad learning all about this stuff…not just the facts and stats (MA infection rate has decreased by 54% since 1999), but about learning about the people still living with HIV/AIDS and about the great organizations who provide support and hope. When I was younger a family member died of AIDS who I was very close to…so it kind of feels like she’s been with me throughout this 🙂  Maybe I’ll post the article when it’s live.

In other news…

It’s the crack of dawn…4:30 am EST…a time I usually do not see (unless I’m still awake, not just waking up!) And I’m up, drinking coffee, trying to shake off the sleepies and get myself ready for the big day! Why is this a big day?

Well. I’ve been hosting, over the past couple weeks, a donation drive for Hurricane Sandy Victim Relief. TODAY Kate and I (yes, I roped her into this) will be driving down to the NJ/NY area with a van-load of supplies to drop off the donations collected and volunteer for the day! YAY! I got us hooked up with a volunteer network to work with and a comp’d hotel room so that we can stay the night (and drive home at the crack of dawn tomorrow.) It’s about a five hour drive…give or take depending on precise location and traffic.


I’m pumped. Hopefully Kate will sleep most of the car ride there (she gets cranky with no sleep 😉

I’ll be posting about this little adventure later, for now I’ve got to get dressed and finish packing up the car!




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