My New Toy (No, not that kind.)



This is my brand new Nikon D3100

Happy Birthday to me!


I have always been a lover of pictures; taking, sharing, and most recently of photo-gifting. I travel as much as possible (on my budget) and do a lot of fun things (I think). I’m always taking pics wherever I go, and some of them turn out to be great shots. But I’ve never taken the time out to really learn about basic principles of photography or functions of a (my) camera. It’s definitely time.

So I signed up for a photography class.

And it starts tomorrow EEEEEEEE!!!! (that’s my excited noise)

And feeling in the birthday spirit, I, with the help of my lovely mother, purchased my first Digital SLR.

When I took it out of the box I was pretty intimidated. But it’s bought and paid for, and I’m gonna learn how to use it like a pro over the next six weeks of class. (No no no, to all and any photogs who may be reading this and thinking I’m stepping all over your toes, I’m not gonna pretend to be a photographer…until I am one anyway.) I’m just excited to learn 🙂

Took her out for a spin yesterday (in the freezing cold). Here’s some gray and gloomy New England winter for you:

DSC_0020 DSC_0035

 DSC_0008 DSC_0006



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