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So, as I mentioned before, I have been taking a basic photography class. I’ve always loved taking and sharing pictures, but I never took the time to learn all the functions of the camera. For my birthday I got my very first DSLR and I signed up for this photo class. I’m LOVING it, having so much fun practicing. And so I figured I’d share some of what I’ve been doing here 🙂

3 D3100 027

Practicing with aperture and white balance

D3100 070 D3100 071 D3100 121 D3100 132

D3100 147 D3100 164

Shutter Speed- Light Trails!

D3100 165 D3100 166 D3100 167


D3100 181 D3100 197

D3100 219 D3100 228

Just thought these were some cool early morning shots

D3100 235 D3100 272

Another shutter speed exercise^

D3100 275

Still learning, having a blast practicing. One thing I’ve noticed is that I seem to never shoot people. I guess that’s what I’ll be practicing this week! 🙂

(If you wanna send me any tips please do!)


Turkey Dinners and Scavenger Hunts

So Thanksgiving has passed and we’re officially in Christmas territory…which is great for me because it’s my favorite holiday. But before I get all jolly-ho-ho-ho, I’d like to do a little Thanksgiving recap post.

It was crazy. Very hectic, very busy, lots of work and not nearly enough sleep. But there were some great moments this Thanksgiving.

One was my mom and I volunteering with United Way to hand out over 800 Thanksgiving dinners to local families in need. I participated in this event last year, but this year I invited my mom to come along. It was a great time for us.

ALL these bags had to be sorted, stuffed, and given away!


The actual Thanksgiving Day was busy, but nice. I had to get up at 8:30 am, which may not sound bad to you morning people, unless of course you read my last post. I worked my ass off from 3pm-3am the night before. So by the time I got in bed it felt like I blinked and my stupid alarm was going off. I got ready, picked up my dad and we drove up to New Hampshire to his sister’s (my aunt’s) house for Thanksgiving Dinner. I normally spend Thanksgiving at my mom’s house, but plans were all weird this year, and as it was the first year for them without my grandmother, I figured I should have Thanksgiving with my dad’s side of the family. Dinner was delicious. I felt like napping immediately after, but didn’t ever get to. I had to drive home from dinner, get ready, and go to work at the bar for the night. Holidays are not holidays for servers.

Anywho, After working all week/weekend, I had Sunday off. But a day of relaxation was not in the plan for me. Instead, I did something SO FUN that I will probably do it every year henceforth. My mom, her sister, my girlfriend and I all participated in a scavenger hunt for charity.

It was a couple hours long and took place all around the city. It was an absolute BLAST! I’m gonna end here with some pics of all the weird, random and crazy things we had to do…

Team Wagon Wheels before the start

“Playing ring around the rosey with a child under 8”

“One member wearing red lipstick, kissing and leaving lipstick print on another member’s cheek”

“One member sitting atop a USPS mailbox”

“Two members biting into either end of a sub”

We didn’t win, but we didn’t lose either. But it was for the kids…And we had a hell of a time!